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Over 4,500+ schools, districts, organizations, corporate clients, NGO's and government agencies trust™ to make them look like "rock-et" stars. We supply them with everything that they need in order to build and maintain sustainable, preK-16 STEM programs by "teaching them how to fish." Everything. Say goodbye to expensive consultants, one size fits all projects (that claim to lead the way) and content providers who tie you into lengthy contracts that waste your time and money.  

As the world's foremost science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) support organization since 2001, we've helped thousands of clients find success in STEM --and we can do it for you, too. If you don't understand STEM, our experienced team is here 7 days a week to talk you through it. Seriously, you should call them, 1.855.FOR.STEM. We'll train you, credential you, your program and/or your product, create custom curriculum and even send out a press release so that the whole world knows about it --only if you want us to of course.

Still reading? Why? You could be signing up for our award-winning services. Maybe even begin building that successful STEM program that you and your team have been thinking about. So what are you waiting for? Help us help you do STEM better, because STEM is what we do.


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Expand or enhance your curriculum with STEM approved curriculum by Our talented team of educators can develop an age appropriate curriculum or a general one that can be modified by your team for use in various classroom levels. 

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We set the standards for STEM education programs, certifications, and accreditation. Whether you want to teach STEM programs, bring STEM programs into your school or district, or have a product that embraces STEM concepts, can help you reach your full potential!

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We offer STEM consulting services for both non-profit and for-profit sectors. can help you develop stronger programs and products that engage the community, broaden support for funding, as well as increase education and public outreach.

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