Become a Leader in STEM Education!
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STEM Certification (for People)

Become a leader in STEM education. This sequenced professional development series carefully studies curriculum standards and the latest in STEM pedagogy. Participants learn how expectations of classroom functionality are changing and what techniques can ensure success. Curriculum plans are then crafted to build momentum towards organization-wide unifying STEM goals.

Benefits of STEM CertificationTM:

Through an extensive collaborative effort, our organization has partnered closely with the King Hussein Foundation, Jubilee Center for Excellence in Education, the Arab Robotics Association (ARA), educational researchers and our community of educators, administrators and schools to establish a respected set of benchmarks in STEM education. The resources and proven best-practices, of this community have led to the World's most recognized Kindergarten-12th grade STEM CertificationTM

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STEM Accreditation (for Programs)

Boost your school’s enrollment by becoming STEM accredited. Give your students an academic advantage and be recognized for offering programs that give your students a career advantage.

Once an organization completes the STEM Certification training requirements for a group of staff members mentioned above, an evaluation of infrastructure, instruction, existing curriculum, etc. is administered by a STEM Elite Facilitator. A score of 80/100 points (on the rubric) must be achieved in order for each participating location to receive accreditation.

Benefits of STEM AccreditationTM:

  • Connect with a strong network using a secure, professional platform
  • Build a strong, dedicated team committed to high standards of care & quality 
  • Increase the competence level of your staff, product and/or leadership team 
  • Promote unified, ongoing enhancement of knowledge & skills
  • Improve the quality of information & promote a culture of excellence
  • Develop short-term and long term growth and development plans
  • Increase efficiency, internal communication and reduce cost
  • Utilize trust marks on digital and print marketing materials

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STEM Approved (for Products)

Give consumers an easy way to pick your product, game, or kit over the others. When your packaging includes the STEM seal of approval, you’re getting the endorsement of a trusted educational authority backed by 15 years of industry experience. No other label, certification, or consumer award can match that. maintains good taste and exercises strict editorial judgment as to products and services that are eligible for's endorsement to its constituents and the STEM community at-large. bestows its STEM Approved “trustmark” on those products and services that have been evaluated by a STEM Elite Facilitator or acting Executive Director.

Benefits to Becoming STEM ApprovedTM:

  • Winning parent/community confidence resulting in, increased market share and consumers’ ability to identify the goods and services that conform to’s standards, thus making quick decisions in favor of quality.
  • The goods and services bearing’s trustmarks are presented with a better image in both national and international markets resulting in: mutual recognition where consumers value each other’s products and services thus easing acceptance and promotion of new products; and safeguarding the image and reputation of the manufacturer and/or provider.
  • The approval process provides a technical audit of the quality related to the goods and/or services. This means that the manufacturer and/or provider receives technical advisory services and information at a reduced cost that would otherwise be obtained at substantially higher market rates.