We develop award-winning educational content

A STEM customized curriculum uses real life situations and problem solving to increase the impact of learning. Imagine how much bigger the impact will be when it incorporates your organizational processes, vocabulary, scenarios, and case studies into their training experience.

Our instructional design team ensures that organization-specific information is seamlessly incorporated into program content and custom course materials, workbooks, and special job aids. Our custom design teams also employ the most current pedagogical strategies to enhance and expand your curriculum. In consultation with leaders from your organization, we can help you determine how best to implement a customized curriculum to align it to your organizational performance expectations. 

We can use most industry standard course development models or we can develop one to meet the standards of most client defined curriculum design models. With either approach, our programs universally include two additional features: 

  • The integration of sound project management principles with the instructional design approach 
  • The incorporation of state and national standards throughout the design process 

At™, our curriculum design efforts centers on performance improvement outcomes. As such, we incorporate the following core learning values: 

  • Creating Connections: Connecting course objectives and materials to experiences, current beliefs, emotions, and knowledge. 
  • Individualized Experiences: Applying what is already known with what is learned through the guidance of highly qualified instructors. 
  • Active Engagement: Classroom experiences should include discussion, problem solving, scenario analysis and group exercises. 
  • Transferring Ideas to Action: Learned skills should be easily transferred to actual, real-world challenges. 

Our client engagement team works with your organization to determine the most effective delivery methods to achieve your objectives. We deliver your custom program wherever and whenever you need it. Throughout the design and implementation of a custom program, we work hand-in-hand with you. We evaluate all participants’ feedback to determine the program’s effectiveness and recommend follow-up actions to ensure the program continues to meet your goals. 

We offer the following custom content and curriculum development services: 

  • Curriculum design
  • Content development
  • Instructional design
  • Course evaluation
  • Train-the-trainer
  • Comprehensive assessment
  • Design & development of job aids
  • Development of course materials