STEM: The Musical

Bringing the sciences to life for audiences of all ages!

The groundbreaking new musical, now available everywhere! 

STEM: the Musical is a 50-minute live-action production, designed to inspire students of every background by teaching them that their dreams matter and there is a path for each of them. Our audiences come away educated, entertained, and inspired for a lifetime of learning about math and science. 

In partnership with Living Arts College

What if your homework was to explain how the universe and everything in it Monday?

In STEM: the Musical, four students are given that very task, and - working together - they solve the mystery!  With educational content that adjusts for grade levels k-8 to meet the students where they are, audiences of all ages are immediately engaged, and delight to the rhymes and music that never stops.

Enthusiastically described as “Hamilton for the sciences,” STEM: the Musical features a high-energy score that includes hip-hop, pop & Latin among its musical styles, with content drawn directly from Common Core and state educational standards. A comprehensive Teacher's Guide prepares instructors for everything the students will learn, and supplemental materials ensure the learning continues long after the show is over.

We Come to You!

Stem the Musical
 - STEM - Girl_ImageSTEM: the Musical comes to your school or theater space with all the tech, props, and materials necessary for performance. To book between 8-100 performances, or to bring us to your corporate or international venues, please fill out the form below, and you will be immediately contacted by our team. 


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A Commitment to Inclusiveness

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Women and minorities are underrepresented in science and tech fields. For them, disenfranchisement starts early in their academic careers. Our diverse casting represents our commitment to encourage and inspire all students, no matter their background. We also highlight this diversity as we explore the many relevant contributions these groups have made to science and math throughout history.
Makes Bright Futures Possible

Over 4,500 schools, districts, organizations, corporate clients, NGO’s and government agencies/officials trust to make them look like “rock–et” stars in their communities. We supply them with everything that they need in order to build and maintain sustainable, pre K-12 STEM programs and we can do it for you, too.

Together, we can make quality education accessible to all.

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